23 Nov

Prepared by : Dalia Fathi - Literacy Instructor Years 3 & 4

Name and Type of Dish: Sweet and Sour Chicken

Duration of Preparation: 45 minutes


1 kg of chicken fillet cut into thin chunks and season with salt ..pepper and garlic powder
3 big peppers (green,yellow,red)
1big onion
Half a cup of pineapples(fresh or canned) cut into chunks
1 cup of flour
¼ cup of corn starch
1 table spoon of baking powder
1cup of water
Oil for deep frying
½ cup tomato paste and 2 tablespoons of ketchup
4 table spoons soya sauce
4 table spoons brown sugar
4 table spoons vinegar
Salt/pepper/garlic powder


Prepare the sauce:

Put 2 table spoons of vegetable oil in a pan .Stir in the tomato sauce and ketchup
Add ½ a cup of waterAdd the brown sugar
Stir for 1 minute then add the vinegar and soya sauce
Add a ¼ cup of water with 1 dissolved tablespoon of cornflour, to make the sauce a bit thicker

Prepare the batter:

Use a deep ball and add the flour, corn starch ,baking powder and pinch of salt
Mix then add water and stir to combine the ingredients adding some oil
until the batter is ready

Add the seasoned chicken fillet chunks to the batter and fry in batches

In a deep big baking pan, sauteè the onions ..pepper and pineapples for 3 to 5minutes
Add the sauce ..then the fried chickens and serve immediately

Bon appetit