23 Nov

Prepared by : Lana khoury -  library Manager and Religion Studies teacher.
Duration of Preparation: 45 mins


1 chicken cut into 4 pieces
1 kg onions peeled and chopped
I cup olive oil
4 bread (baladi)
3 tablespoons Sumac
Salt and Pepper to taste
Chopped almond for topping


Boil the chicken until done and keep 1 cup of broth to use later
Make sure you don’t chop the onions too fine or they will get too soft with cooking and lose texture. Cook the onions over low heat and add enough olive oil
Stir occasionally till the onions are translucent but still hold their shape
Add salt, pepper, Sumac and 1 cup of the chicken broth to the onions
Brush the bread with chicken broth and olive oil
Cover each bread with onions and one piece of chicken and top with walnuts
Place it in the oven for 10 minutes and then under the grill until the bread is toasted
Make sure to serve this while it’s still hot