Every end must have a beginning and the beginning of putting together a number of recipes by all GES Cairo family members goes back to March 29th, 2020.

On that date, the CookBook was just a dream, a thought on paper that was intended to bring together all members of GES Cairo around one cause and collaborate to achieve it out of love and compassion. We all got convinced with the nobility of the idea and how it aims at raising money for providing meals for children sponsored by EFB.

The CookBook now is a reality and with a finger touch you will see the evidence of love driven actions, lots of recipes for you to look at in case you are bored of your traditional meals and are looking for new ones to try out. Only then that you need to remember that what you are bored of is a dream for others.

Whenever you sit around your dining table for a family gathering or in your favourite spot at home for you everyday meal, remember to open GES Cairo website, browse our family made CookBook and help secure a meal for a starving child by clicking this link (EFB) and donate , even a pound. You , together with others will make a difference.

Follow Mother Teresa’s quote “ If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”
This CookBook is an ongoing cause and will keep accepting your recipes at cookbook@gescairo.com to update and renew our recipes in order to keep the process going

Cook with Love! Browse with Benevolence!